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Whisper of the Wind is a relaxing, audio-first experience designed specifically for the Bose AR hardware. The player takes on the role of a freshly fallen seed as it rides the wind to its new home on a distant island. Using the Bose AR hardware, the player must listen for the voice of the wind and follow where it leads by tilting their head in its direction. With simple controls, a relaxing soundscape, and a light challenge element, Whisper of the Wind is the perfect game for those looking for a zen, meditative experience.

The current build of the game provides a solid foundation for the base mechanics and overall aesthetic experience of Whisper of the Wind. In future releases, we hope to enliven the experience by adding more variety. We will be introducing new environments into the game, which will change the visual and sonic landscape as players progress. We would also like to add some small tertiary systems to complicate the formula, such as new playable seeds, moving wind targets, and collectables. Finally, we plan on implementing a unique system for tracking progress. Each play session will begin with a new seed and will end when it is planted. Over the course of many play sessions, these seeds will grow and permanently shape both the audio and visual landscape of the game, creating a totally unique space for each player.
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