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Pinecone Fish

Pinecone Fish is a mobile game developer based in New York, US. Our team have brought six games to the global market. At Pinecone Fish studio, artists and technologists work together to deliver surprises and great products to our players and partners. 


Mikki Xu

Art Director / Producer

Create beautiful, engaging game characters, animation and stories. Set appropriate goals and collaborate with external teams/partners.

Lhong Lhi

Game Artist / UIUX Designer

Work on the development of a visual style, design and overall look of a project. Generally just nail 2D, 3D and UI art for our games.

Fox Chen

Game Engineer

Aa a mobile game developer has brought six games to the global market. Involvement in all areas of game development including Programming of Graphics, Game Logic, Artificial Intelligence and User Interface.

Victor Lu

3D Artist / VFX

CG Artist who specialized in look development and lighting in a project . Best at translating visual design into high-quality 3D assets and bringing them to life.

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